The History

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History of Longslip Station

Longslip Station has a history filled with endured hardships that dates back to 1858.

The Patterson era began in 1947 when Bill Patterson took over Longslip. At the time the 14,948 ha (37,460 acres) property was under Crown Lease and any development and increase to stock numbers was subject to approval from the Land Settlement Board (LSB).

In 2000, Peter and Ann Patterson took over Longslip. From the time he was old enough to line his small boots next to his fathers Peter (PJ) knew that he wanted to own Longslip. PJ was known as being a bit of a perfectionist and he had an uncanny knack of arriving on the scene just as a job ‘was turning to custard’. This passionate advocate for the high country past away suddenly in May 2008, leaving Longslip in the care of son Bryan and his wife Michelle who continue to run Longslip to this day. PJ’s wife Ann, now spends her time running Merino Lodge and continuing to support Bryan and his wife and their three young children.




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The new wool shed

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Track Building

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Slow going on the tracks

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